Technological Know-How

Tap the best of our technology expertise and make it work for you

Ercé plasturgie builds on competences for its customers, to keep its productivity and competitiveness levels high.


    • Micro-injection moulding
    • Bi-injection moulding
    • Overmoulding (RFID, inserts…)

OvermouldingMicro-injection mouldingBi-injection moulding


    • Controlled atmosphere processing
    • Automated assembly lines
    • Tool instrumentation
    • Leak testing
    • Silk screen marking and digital printing

Moule instrumentéSystèmes innovants de réduction des emissions polluantesAutomated assemblyMarquage sérigraphique


    • Technopolymers (POM, PC, PA, PBT, PET…)
    • High-performance polymers (PEEK, PPA, PEI, PPS, PSU…)

TechnopolymersHigh-performance polymers

Tooling precision for silicone micro-parts

Ercé médical is one of the major manufacturers of tooling and parts in LSR silicone (Liquid Silicone Rubber) working in ISO 7 clean condition.

    • Drug injection system components (micro-valves, micro-membranes, nozzles)
    • Sealing systems (Shaped seals, Overmoulded micro-seals, Micro-pistons for ophthalmic use)
    • Overmolding of thermoplastic parts

Tooling design and manufacture

    • Prototypes and multicavity moulds
    • Micro-plastics processing
    • LSR Silicone
    • High precision